12 June 2017

Welcome aboard Kaikoura High School!!!

It is great to have Kaikoura High School involved with Computers in Homes training programme. Thanks to the keen staff who have worked with me to make it happen, we now have 14 families who are attending training and increasing their skills each week, and who will soon be ready to graduate. These include families from St Joseph's School and Kaikoura Suburban School. There have been some difficulties maintaining internet connections during training sessions, but tutor Averill and the families have managed to work around these issues.  Two more sessions and it will be time to come together and celebrate the successful completion of training at the Graduation, and time to take computers home for the families.

Whanau meeting at Kaikoura High School.

13 April 2017

Graduation Celebration!

Congratulations to all the families for showing a great commitment to attending training at REAP Marlborough and for learning a range of computer skills which will support your children's education and your families lives in general.

We had a fun celebration and enjoyed a wonderful shared meal. Thank you families for your generosity! At the end of the evening the desktops and laptops went home - just in time for school holidays!


Thanks for a wonderful evening and congratulations to you all!!

2degrees are now offering you unlimited internet for the same price.  This is such great news!!! Thanks 2degrees!!

Cheers Denise

Completion of Blenheim training

Our two training groups hosted by the wonderful people at REAP Marlborough, held their final training on 4&5 April and were ready

to attend Graduation and celebrate
with their families!

10 April 2017

2degrees now “unlimited”


Anyone who has their internet with 2degrees.......

Wonderful news....

2degrees is now offering unlimited data for all CIH families, past, present and future at the current monthly rate of $65 ($40 for those in their first 12 months subsidised period.   This new offer applies immediately for all new families and will be applied progressively over the next month as accounts are renewed for existing families – whether they are currently on a sponsored packaged (initial 12 months) or have migrated to an ongoing connection with 2degrees.

This is great news for those who were finding the 100GB just wasn't enough!!!


21 March 2017

Congratulations Hapuku School!!!

Congratulations to Hapuku School families and Principal Ally O'Keefe for seeing the Computers in Homes training to completion, while also coping with their situation from the earthquake.

The graduation was due the week the earthquake struck and many families had to leave the area for a while or  found themselves in temporary accommodation.  With so much going on, it shows Ally's commitment to her families that she was able to organise an end of year barbeque and celebration for her school a month later and include the Computers in Homes Graduation at the same time.

Unfortunately, with the road closures and continuing road safety concerns I was unable to attend, but from speaking to families and hearing their feedback, they enjoyed a wonderful celebration before taking their computers home with them.

20 February 2017

Training at REAP Marlborough

We are off to a great start in 2017 with REAP Marlborough hosting two training groups. The training is being held on Tuesday evenings from 6.30-9pm and Wednesday mornings from 9.30-12 noon. There are a couple of places left on Tuesday night's group so let me know if you are interested.

Lapu (Pasifika Advocate) has been doing an 
amazing job, checking in with all the families 
who signed on late last year, to make sure 
they were still available to begin last week.  
Lapu, your help has been invaluable, so thanks.

It was great to join Lynne (tutor) for the first sessions of training last week and to meet the families who had enrolled.  I'm sure when I return to Blenheim in a week or two I will really notice a buzz in the room and an increase in confidence. I am looking forward to it.


Already the friendly faces of Ailsa and Janice 
are making families feel welcome 
at REAP Marlborough.

Hard at it!
And full concentration!!!

Enjoy your learning!!!